Bird Feeder Project


This bird feeder was made up from a set of plans that I found in a book (Birdfeeders Shelters & Baths by Edward Baldwin).  It has taken me quite a while to build this simply because I had to wait for some suitable plywood scraps to finish the roof with.  It dispenses seed on two levels, the main base, and also the two little balconies on each end.


Here is the roof being put on.  It's all made of tiny cedar shingles like you would put on a doll house.  The right-hand picture shows the feeder all complete except for the chimney, which is also the fill plug for the seed.

Here's a close up of the little balcony. although you can't see the slot where the seed comes out.  In the lower lever, there is a 6" square column with plastic sides which holds all the feed.

 The whole assembly is made to go on top of a  4x4 post, and then I guess I'll have to figure out how to discourage the squirrels a bit.

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