Built-in Bookcase

This bookcase matches the finish and look of the blanket chest that I did last winter, which it should because it's basically across the hallway from that blanket chest.  The bookcase has an upper and lower section with glass doors in each, and all adjustable shelves.  The upper section also has a light for better display of whatever trinkets and stuff are there.

 The carcass of the bookcase is a combination of plywood and pine, and was built in two sections.  It's built into a corner, so the top and hidden sides of the case are plywood, while the exposed sides, and the face frames are all done in pine.  The back of the case is composed of tongue and groove pine paneling, which comes 5/16" thick and 3 inches wide.  It gives it a more interesting look, in those places where you'll be able to actually see the back of the piece.


As you can see, it's tucked into a small corner of our upstairs hall which makes it difficult to get a picture of the whole case.

And then, right across the hall, I did another bookcase, which also matches everything:

I put solid wood shelves on the bottom section,  to support the weight of all the books, and then put glass shelves and light bars
on the two pieces on either side of the window.

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