Chainsaw Sawmill


I bought this granberg alaskan mill to try and make some of my own boards.  I figured that it would make it somewhat easier to get the pieces of wood that I needed for my projects, rather than always searching the lumber yards and mills for them.  If you go to any of the mills around here, finding large blocks of beech or birch for plane bodies is definitely a exercise in futility.  Even finding pieces of good pine or basswood seems to be difficult, and something thick enough for a decoy body is also very hard to find.  And of course, the sawmills really aren't interested in sawing just one or two boards for a single customer.

So, I got this mill, and started playing with this large pine that I was going to take down anyway.


Here I'm trimming the butt end a little.                        Setting up the guide rail for the opening cut.


Starting the opening cut.                                          Sawing off the opening slab


Yield from the first log; 3-2" and 2-4" planks.          These are from a 2nd log, and are nearly 19" wide.

The trick to ;using this mill, (if you want to call it that), is in the opening cut.  Setting up the guide rail seems
like a pain at times, but if it is set up carefully, all the planks will be straight, and straight grained.  The
opening cut results in a thick slab, because you have to cut below the brackets for the guide rail, but you
can come back and get several slabs off of that plank also.


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