A Newly Made Clock in the Craftsman Style


This is a fairly simple clock, and is only 6 3/4" high and 5 1/2" wide.  There are a number of pieces to it
but it could be made from most any material, and perhaps even from small offcuts or scraps.  The plans came
from Wood Magazine, and I believe that they are still available on Woodstore.net.  This clock takes a 3" fitted
movement that runs off an AA battery. I made up a simple jig and cut them with a 3" hole saw. If you want a
dial with the Arts and Crafts type numerals on them, you will have to get them from Schlabaugh & Sons
(www.schsons.com). Other suppliers also carry 3" movements, but only in roman or arabic styles.


The clock tapers on all 4 sides, but the angles are simple to cut.  Assembly of the tapered pieces can get a bit
tricky though, so keep some scraps to use in clamping.  These clocks are also supposed to have 3 contrasting
plugs in the front, but I did not put them on this particular clock.




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