Arts & Crafts Style Mantel Clock

I found this set of plans at Klockit, where they sell the plans, a kit (of parts), or the whole clock,
depending on what you want to do.  I bought the plans, and the parts kit, which are separate (ie..
the parts kit does not include the plans).  By getting the clock face, and mechanism all from the
same place, i had hoped to save some time, so i could get this done by christmas to give to my
daughter.  (Note:  I won't mention how close it was to christmas when I decided t do this, because
then you'd know how crazy I really am!)  The plans are well detailed with lots of diagrams and
stuff, so you should have no problem whipping one of these up for yourself.

The clock body is all white oak, and I actually constructed most of it from small pieces left over
from some of my other clock projects. The clock mechanism also includes a pendulum, which doesn't
show well in this particular photo, but is very showy when up on a mantel or shelf.  The end finish is
amber shellac, over a dye stain and a coat of minwax stain.  By the time you get 2 coats of stain and a
couple of coats of shellac onto the clock, i think it might take longer to finish the case then it does to actually
build it!  This finishing technique came from Nancy Hiller, who wrote about it in an article from Fine
Woodworking  Magazine.



Sources of supply:
Plan, Clock mechanism, and face:


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