(Yet Another) Arts & Crafts Style Clock

I was looking for another arts & crafts type clock to build, and i found this set of plans online,
at the woodsmith.com site.  I actually built 2 of these clocks at the same time, one for us, and the
other one as a Christmas present for my sister.  The plans are very well done, and easy to follow,
which helps the process considerably.


The clock is built from white oak. and the sides are sloped towards the top, I think it shows better in this picture:


This is a very sturdy clock.  The face frame is 5/4 stock, which can be a little tricky to find.  I finally
gave up, and glued up some stock to get the desired thickness.  (Note:  after i had done that, I found
some 5/4 at Wightman Specialty Lumber, in Portlandville, NY)  The thick face frame is necessary to
mount the Motawi Tile in the lower part of the front.  You lay out the face frame, cut all the mortices
and such, and then taper the outside edges, just before the glue-up and assembly.  Although the clock
has a removable back, there is enough room to put your hand up from the bottom of the clock to change
the battery. The face of the clock is made up of 1/2" maple.  I had a couple of boards left over from
another project, and one had some curly figure, so i used that.  The face actually consists of 4 pieces that
you cut notches in for the 4 plugs in the dial.  If you had a morticing machine you might be able to just
cut the 4 mortices in place and not have to piece in the dial.  The plugs in the clock face are small scraps
of walnut .  Piecing the dial like they show in the plans though, would give you some design options if
you wanted to whip up something a little more fancy.

The finish on this clock is also from the article that Nancy Hiller wrote for Fine Woodworking.

Sources of supply:
Plan:  www.woodsmithshop.com (go to woodsmith shop tv episodes, you're looking for episode 602)
Tile:  www.motawi.com (look under gift tiles for 4x4 sized tiles)
Clock mechanism:  www.klockit.com


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