Greene & Greene Style Clock

I found the plans for this clock at Schlabaugh & Sons (www.schsons.com), when i was getting the tile
for the keepsake box that I had previously made.  I've always been a big fan of Greene & Greene,
and this was my first attempt at something similar to their designs.



The clock body is made from mahogany, and the sides are cut from a 2" thick (ie..8/4) sized piece, which might
be a bit hard to find.  Other than that, the construction is pretty straight forward.  If you follow the directions
carefully, you'll do just fine, although you'll do a lot of tooling setups, as the directions seem to jump around a bit.

I also got the movement, clock face and the tile from Schlabaugh, and there are a number of choices on the tile,
and you could go directly to Motawi and get a different tile, if you didn't like the choices from Schlabaugh.  This
tile is patterned off of the stained glass window in the Gamble House, which is one of Greene & Greene's more
famous examples.

The clock finish is done with oil, and then wax polish, although the polish wasn't done yet, when i actually took
these pictures.

The back of the clock is fitted into grooves and rabbets in the back of the case, so when daylight savings time
comes back around, you can just pop the back off and adjust the time.


Sources of supply:
Plan:  Schlabaugh & Sons (www.schsons.com)
Tile:  www.motawi.com (look under gift tiles for 6x6 sized tiles), or from Schlabaugh


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