Greene & Greene Style Clock

I found the plans for this clock at Woodstore.net, but the actual material comes from Schlabaugh
& Sons (www.schsons.com), which is probably the best source for Arts & Crafts type clock stuff
anyway, especially for the dials.



I actually made 2 of these clocks, one for my daughter and one for ourselves.  I originally decided to build this
particular design because it was a wall clock, and my daughters apartment is very small, and she didn't have
room for the much larger shelf clock that I had already made for her.  This design is wall mounted, and the
clock body attaches to the wall bracket with a sliding dovetail, and in turn the wall bracket is fastened to the
wall with a keyhole slot.  Because of this keyhole slot and the sliding dovetail, you will probably need a router
table to make this project, or you might get by with just some careful router work on the bench with a couple of
jigs, and some hand work.

The clock body is made from 3/4" mahogany, and you can make the whole clock from a 6' length of 1x6.  I
made 2 of these clocks, and only used about 3/4 of the stock from the 2 boards, because I had some mahogany
offcuts from other projects that I used to make many of the smaller parts.  I also rippped some thicker stock, and
then planed it to smaller thicknesses for things like the glass stops and the side accents.

The clock finish is done first with a water based dye stain, using a formula from Darryl Peart, from his book on
Greene and Greene, Design Elements for the Workshop.  This formula uses General Finishes dye stains (4 parts
orange, 3 parts medium brown) making a much safer formula than the original G&G finish.  After the dye phase,
I put on multiple coats of a wipe on poly, rubbing off any excess after a few minutes.  This technique takes about
5 or 6 coats to come up with a nice surface, but looks very nice, giving a nice sheen without making the piece look
plastic coated.

The back of the clock is fitted into grooves and rabbets in the back of the case, so when daylight savings time
comes back around, you can just pop the back off and adjust the time.


Sources of supply:
Plan:  woodstore.net, and Schlabaugh & Sons (www.schsons.com)


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