Keepsake box


The plans for this box were originally in Wood Magazine (November 2006), and i saw a reference to it, and
thought it was kind of cute.  It has a definite Arts & Crafts look to it.  You can download the plans from
Schlabaugh & Sons (, but i had trouble with the download, so went onto ebay and
purchased a copy of the actual issue with the plans in it.  The ceramic tile is from Motawi and is available
in a couple of different styles to suit your tastes, and may require some fine tuning for the fit, as they are
all slightly different.  You might want to get the full Motawi catalog, as they have a large number of tiles
and I don't think that all the Motawi tiles are available through Schlabaugh & Sons.  (For a look at all
their stuff go to:

The project is pretty straight forward, although cutting the miters for the top pieces is a little tricky
and will take some care or the gaps will definitely show.  You will also need a planer, because there
is a thin piece of oak on the bottom of the lid, that keeps the ceramic tile in place, and also hides
the unglazed bottom of the tile. 

Overall, it's a cute little project which is very showy and not all that time consuming.


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