Perfume Pens


This was an idea that i got out of the catalog from Penn State Industries.  It uses all the
same techniques that you'd use in pen turning, but the hardware has a brass barrel and
felt applicator tip, very much like a marker pen.

 It allows you to fill the pen with perfume, and it has a screw-on cap with an o-ring seal
so it doesn't leak.

I actually made these for my wife and daughter to give out at the hospital, to the hospice
patients and people like that who could use a little uplift.


I cut the blanks out of scraps in the shop.  The pens on the left are local cherry, and the ones on
the right are black walnut, right out of the firewood pile.

Here's what the applicator tip looks like.  You can just make out the o-ring gasket in the left of the brass barrel.  They won't leak in
your bedstand or pocketbook though, and they're easy to refill if you use them all up.


Here's some more examples done in acrylic, although the wood ones seem to be  more popular.  If it's actually done in acrylic, I think
people believe that it's factory made, and not something that you did yourself.  The pink ones are popular with cancer patients and
survivors though.


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