Picture Frames

Some picture frames that I made.  These were both inspired by the article on making classic picture frames, that
appeared in the February 2012 issue of Fine Woodworking.



These are both made of mahogany, in an arts & crafts type style.  It's hard to see the detail on the left one, due to the lighting,
but maybe I'll try to get a better picture someday.    The print is from local artist Constance Dodge.

The one on the right is based on the same idea, but I squared the edges off a bit. This one actually has an atlas page of our
town, that we found at an antique show

These are actually pretty simple to make, and require a very minimal amount of carving, just to accent the cloud lifts.


Here's a couple of other frames, in the arts and crafts type style:

Both are larger format, were made in pairs, and all made from oak.  The frame on the left has pictures of the same horse winning races at Saratoga Race Track,
and the one on the right contains copies of old medical patents.  These are both over 3' in the long dimension, so they get tricky to make and to hang when the time comes.


On a smaller scale, I have a number of frames which have photos from Marion Bayly, who is a nature photographer in Speculator, NY.  We have a bunch of her
stuff, but these frames were made from a cherry tree that came down in our yard after a storm, and were made on the table saw and router table.



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