Restored (older) Clocks


A page for old clocks, all with mechanical movements, that have been brought back to working condition.

Sessions - Mission Style Clock:


These are fairly common, and are also fairly easy to fix, although they are often found without the pendulum assembly,
which can be newly made, but it's very hard to match the patina of an old original.  Early 1900's.

Ingraham - San Jose, from Alameda Assortment:


This is an Ingraham time and strike clock from 1907.  They advertised this as having an "Oak Mission Finish".  The case
is all oak, with bright brass hands and cast brass numerals on the dial. It is all cleaned/restored and running.

Gilbert El Paso


This is a Gilbert "El Paso" which is a somewhat classic arts and crafts style clock, and it's complete with the original slag
glass.  This one runs for a bit, so it needs to be cleaned and oiled, and the case needs a good cleaning.  It chimes on the
hour and rings a bell on the half hour.


This is an unkown make, although it has a new haven time and strike movement in it.  The movement is being cleaned now, but
the case still needs cleaning.   


I found this one in an antique sale and thought it was neat, so I bought it.  The missing numberals and pendulum are in
the plastic bag in the bottom, but I really haven't had a chance to do any research on it yet.



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