Staircase Fill-in

This project was to fill in the open area under our stairs.  It seems like an odd open area like this always seems
to attract junk and stuff, so I wanted to get it to be a bit more organized and neat.

Like most stairs in old houses, these stairs seem to creak quite a bit, so after i cleaned out all the junk, I tightenedd
them all up, by pulling the nails, and re-driving all the wedges for the treads and risers.  I also had one split riser, which
I plated on the back (unseen side) and then filled in the crack so it would remain unseen.  The drawer sections actually
consist of 3 boxes made of 3/4" pine veneered plywood, with the drawers in them.  The pine veneered side was placed
in the inside, because it would show when the drawers and stuff were open.  The drawers themselves are made mostly
of pine, dovetailed together, with blum hd drawer slides.  Because the drawers are wide, I put 1/2" cabinet grade
plywood in as drawer bottoms, so it should handle whatever weight gets put in them, without the bottoms  slowly bending

 The drawers aren't quite as wide as the stairs, so  a flat filler top was put on top of the boxes to close off that gap, so that
stuff wouldn't fall down in back where you couldn't reach it easily.  The infill on top of the drawers sections is thin tongue
and groove pine.  The frames for the doors were made with a rabbet for the paneling to fit into, to hide the seam.

The fairy door on the far left side actually does work, and it leads to that long narrow space under the first 2 stair treads.



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