Wood Turning Projects

I got a small table-top lathe for Christmas a few years back, and in my spare time I've been trying to figure out how to use it.  So far, the majority of wood has actually come from my firewood pile, although I purchased some more exotic stuff, mostly to make needle cases out of.



Birdhouse from grey birch and maple.            Turned boxes from maple and white oak.                Ornaments using sputnik seashells


  This is a funary urn that I turned for a local guy that rescues hurt and abandoned animals, and gets
                                                    them vet care, all at his own expense.  One of his personal pets died, so we made him something
                                                    special to keep the ashes in.


More birdhouses.

More turning pictures.

Perfume Pens.

Seam Rippers


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